Understanding Personal Diversity

Understanding Personal Diversity

Understanding Personal Diversity

Have you ever wondered why you just ‘connect’ with some people, and others not?

How would you like to communicate effectively with people you don’t even know?

There are now tools available to help you do so.

It’s easy to work with people you ‘connect’ with.

How do you work with those you don’t?

How do you select people who will work well as a team?

Your job-satisfaction and the success of your business depends on it, so it cannot be ignored.

Why does personality matter, what is it and where does it come from?

How much of it were you born with, and how much do you pick up along the way?

We are all unique.  We all have strengths and weaknesses.  Consequently, people communicate differently and they do better when communicated to in a certain way.

We delve into an analysis of personality types.  There are many personality models, but four of the most popular are DISC, MBTI, Enneagram, and Big Five.

Personality can be predicted from text (like a resumé or a social media account) using artificial intelligence (AI).

How to Use Personality Data

  • Improve your Phone Calls and Meetings,
  • Upgrade your Emails,
  • Effectively Lead Teams,
  • Resolve a Conflict,
  • Pitch Pricing,
  • Recruit the Perfect Candidate,
  • Schedule a Meeting.

Enrich your database or Client Relationship Management (CRM) by creating Personality Profiles of your colleagues and clients.

Tools Available

  • Get a full Personality Profile from a LinkedIn Profile,
  • Google Chrome extension,
  • Mobile App,
  • Slack gives you advice on how to deal with someone,
  • Personality AI, the new technology revolutionizing how we sell, lead & communicate,
  • eBooks,
  • InfoGraphics,

Predicting Personality

If your job requires communication, like sales, management, recruiting, marketing, and more, this book introduces a secret weapon: Personality AI.

“This book is a powerful, comprehensive guide to personality differences… Insanely valuable advice for any business leader!”  Tony Robbins.  Life Coach

Learning about personality types can help you better understand why people act and speak in certain ways, and, in turn, allow you to relate more to others and communicate more effectively with them.

In other words you:

  • Develop your own style of communicating based on your personality type, and
  • Learn to quickly assess the most effective way of communicating with others.
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