Initiating a Conversation

Initiating a Conversation

Initiating a Conversation

What do you say after you say “Hello?” 

Almost all oral communication involves speaking face to face with one or a few persons.  It’s a daily activity in which you can improve a great deal if you try.


You will engage in conversation countless times each day for the rest of your life.  As far as making an impact on your daily life, there is perhaps nothing more important than the way you converse with people.

Your Attitude 

You must look forward to conversing.  It can be challenging, rewarding, and informative if you allow it to be.

Your Eyes 

Your eyes will reflect if you’re genuinely interested.

Your Smile 

Can you think of a better way to communicate nonverbally with someone than with a sincere smile?

Your Handshake 

Shake hands with a grip firm enough to convey a meaningful expression.

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