Acting Skills

Online course for your personal development.

Watch the Introductory Video and browse through the outline of the course.  Subscribe and you will receive access to the material.

Once-off payment of R600 (less 25% until the end of January 2020) for lifetime access.

The course consists of 15 lessons divided into 5 sections, as well as a BONUS Public Speaking lesson.

At the end of each of the 5 sections in an assignment.

Students who successfully complete all 5 assignments will receive a Certificate in Speech & Drama.

Introductory Video

1.  Theory

Theoretical techniques to make you succeed

Theoretical techniques: Modulation

2.  Stage Planning

Stage Planning for the different genres

Dress code and props for different genres

3.  Performing Poetry

Applying the correct pauses in poetry

Applying the correct phrasing in poetry

Performing Lyric and Free Style Poetry

Performing Dramatized (Narrative) Poetry

4.  Characterization in Prose & Monologues

Characterization including performing Prose and Monologues

Performing Undramatized Prose

Performing an Individual Dramatic Monologue

Performing a Monologue from a Play

5.  Mime Techniques including Improvisation

Mime including Improvisation


Performing Improvisation

BONUS: Public Speaking

How to Structure a Speech

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