Communication & Presentation Skills

Communication & Presentation Skills

Communication Skills

21st century skills for confident communication

Communication Skills exams are designed to support candidates in developing a range of 21st Century communication skills that can have a positive impact in both education and the workplace.

Trinity’s exams are interactive, with a real focus on performance. As an actor prepares to perform a role in the theatre, a good presenter will prepare to deliver their presentation to an audience. As solo presenters or in groups, candidates create and deliver talks and presentations based on their own interests, and have the opportunity to discuss and debate these issues with the examiner, encouraging further development of their ideas.

  • Develop a range of life-long transferrable communication skills, including problem-solving, creative thinking, team work and organisational skills
  • Undertake practical tasks and simulations that reflect real-world situations such as CV and interview preparation, stories for broadcast, debates on current issues and encouraging candidates to deliver engaging and inspirational presentations
  • Available from Initial to Grade 8 for solo, pair and group exams.

“The presentations relate strongly to other school and academic situations and are used in daily working life, which can be very useful when going into interviews and moving forward as an adult.”

Xenia Horne, Trinity Examiner

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