Effective Presentation Skills

Deliver a Captivating Presentation

Deliver a Captivating Presentation

To master the art, science, and practice of delivering an effective, powerful and dynamic presentation.

In this lesson we will cover the following:

  • Knowing your audience and preparing objectives.
  • Setting aims and objectives.
  • Researching the subject.
  • Which method to use.
  • Select and organize the content.
  • Planning the structure.
  • The use and purpose of visual aids.
  • Preparing good visuals.
  • Techniques for practicing.
  • Overcoming problems.
  • Getting past the barrier.
  • Checklist – stress, and voice.
  • Keeping attention.
  • Dealing with questions and discussions.
  • Checklist – a good summary, and
  • Giving the presentation.
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