Frontline Etiquette

Frontline Etiquette

Frontline Etiquette


To process all telephone calls and to receive, consult and direct visitors in the reception and other areas.


Receptionists, Secretaries and anyone that is responsible for handling calls, welcoming or dealing with clients.


  • Personal behavior and etiquette
  • Use an appropriate telephone technique to handle inbound and outbound business calls.
  • Make a business call
  • Receive a business call
  • Record telephone messages correctly, and efficiently
  • Use the telephone as a tool to improve public relations in business
  • Voice skills
  • Summary of speech
  • Prepare for calls
  • Prepare a suitable message pad
  • What you need from the caller
  • Four stages in answering a call
  • Important techniques when answering a call
  • Tips for successful outbound calls
  • How to end a call
  • If the recipient is not available
  • Transferring a call
  • Forwarding the message
  • Transitions
  • A telephone user’s rights
  • Dress Code at the workplace
  • Relationships with colleagues

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