Understanding Personal Diversity

Tools Available

  • Get a full Personality Profile
  1. The DISC Assessment
  2. The Myers-Briggs Test
  3. The Enneagram Test
  4. Big 5 Personality Traits
  • Get a full Personality Profile from a LinkedIn Profile

Identify anyone’s personality.  Use the API to send unstructured text, a PDF resumé, or a public social media URL and get a full personality profile.

  • Access your saved personality profiles

You can pull all personality profiles owned by your team to enrich your database or CRM.

  • Google Chrome extension

Accurately predict a personality from a LinkedIn profile or CRM using the Chrome Extension.

Download the Chrome Extension to see anyone’s personality on popular social media sites.

  • Mobile App

Install the free mobile app to view anyone’s personality on the go.

  • Slack

Install personalized, situation-specific advice to communicate effectively and write persuasively.

  • eBooks

View our eBooks.

There are many more available.

  • InfoGraphics

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  • Predicting Personality

Life Coach, Tony Robbins had this to say about the book.

“Effective communication starts with empathy. You need to understand the other person’s core motivations and desires before you can make an impact. This book is a powerful, comprehensive guide to personality differences and how to navigate them, so you can be more persuasive, create better relationships with your customers, and thrive in the modern economy. It is insanely valuable advice for any business leader!”

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You receive a free Personality Assessment worth $49 when you purchase & share the book on social media.

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