Understanding Individual Diversity

Tools Available

  • Get a full Personality Profile
  1. The DISC Assessment
  2. The Myers-Briggs Test
  3. The Enneagram Test
  4. Big 5 Personality Traits
  • Get a full Personality Profile from a LinkedIn Profile

Identify anyone’s personality Use the Crystal API to send unstructured text, a PDF resume, or a public social media URL and get a full personality profile.

  • Access your saved personality profiles

You can pull all personality profiles owned by your team to enrich your database or CRM.

  • Google Chrome extension

Download Crystal’s Chrome Extension.

  • Mobile App

Install Crystal’s free mobile app to view anyone’s personality on the go.

  • Slack

Install personalized, situation-specific advice to communicate effectively and write persuasively.

  • Personality AI

Download the new technology revolutionizing how we sell, lead & communicate.

  • eBooks
  1. Improve your Phone Calls and Meetings
  2. Upgrade your Emails
  3. Effectively Lead Teams
  4. Resolve a Conflict
  5. Pitch Pricing
  6. Recruit the Perfect Candidate
  7. Schedule a Meeting
  • InfoGraphics

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  • Predicting Personality

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